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A long time ago…

Once again it’s been some time since I last added anything to this site so I figured it was time to give an update on what I’ve been up to!

As it’s quite obvious from most of my uploads, I do like OpenGL! But I thought ShaderViewer might be getting a little lonely as the only DirectX application out there so I’ve started work on a new game using DX10.

So far progress is good. There’s a heightmap, imported .obj models, some basic terrain (Trees!), particle effects for the explosions and some pretty cool shaders to keep performance up and generate any special effects that I want. Just recently I’ve been adding in some initial AI routines and post-processing effects.

Above you can see the enemy tank chasing me towards a nearby forest. The picture on the right is the Ambient Occlusion map that is generated in real time from this image.

Fingers crossed I’ll have a playable demo out in the not too distant future!

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