Tutorial 6 – Structs

In the last tutorial we saw how we could simplify our code and do more complex things by using functions. C has yet more benefits that we can take advantage of. Lets say we want to model a real life situation, for example we want to store some information on a group of people. We could do that with our old code but we’d need to create a new variable for each piece of data we want to store on each person e.g:

float person1Height = 1.6f;
int person1Age = 21;
float person2Height = 1.7f;
int person2Age = 30;

This isn’t terrible but there are better solutions. Lets take a look at structs. Here is an example of how to use structs:

struct structName
    int variable1;
    float variable2;

The above code says that there is a type of structure called “structName” which contains the 2 variables named within the brackets. Here is an example of a struct that contains a person’s data and how we would go about accessing that data:

struct person
    int age;
    float height;

int main()
    person dave;
    dave.age = 33;
    dave.height = 1.65f;

    return 0;

As you can see, structs can really simplify not only the code for your program, but also the way you conceptualise the data within it.

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